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How To Modify Paypal Buy Now Button Using Your Own Image

To modify Paypal Buy Now Button using your own image, you must obviously become a Paypal member. There could be a handful of reasons why you’d want to change the default Paypal Buy Now button. There’s nothing wrong with them, but the most common reason is that one would want to blend his Paypal buy now button to the overall look of his site.

Here’s the step-by-step guide in personalizing the said Paypal Buy Now Button.

1. Under the Merchant Services tab, you will find Buy Now Buttons which is under the Key Features box. Click it and you will be directed to a page where some details would be asked of. Go through them and fill out as necessary. Normally, you’d be asked of your products as well as the amount of what you’re selling. In this case, write Product 1 whose cost is 1 USD.


Paypal Buy Now Buttons

Buy Now Buttons under Paypal's Merchant Services


2. You can tick “Customize text and appearance” if you want to. Just be ready to give the address of that image. You should already have uploaded it somewhere as the URL is one requirement. But if you’d use the default Paypal buy now button, keep it as is. Prior to clicking the Create Button, go to Step 3 that says “Customize Advance Features”. Pay particular attention to the space provided that states, “Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout”. It is the page where your own or affiliate products should be found. It is where you want the customers to be automatically redirected to right after making the purchase.


Paypal Create Own Button

Default Buy Now Button of Paypal


3. A code will be generated as you click the Create Button. It is the computer code of the image to the right which is the standard Paypal Buy Now button. Select the code and embed it in the Source code in your site. If your client clicks it in your site, he/she will be taken to the page where he’s given the payment instructions. Save the code to the Source code of your html editor. It should show the default Paypal Buy Now button.


Paypal buy now button

4. Proceed to the Email tab. If you already have an image in you HTML editor, link the code under the Email tab to the image of your choice. If you’re using Kompozer, you can find it under Insert-Image-Link tabs. Save then Publish it. As your site visitor clicks on the image, he should be directed to the same page where you’d want him to land after the purchase.


Email tab

Email Tab used for own image


It should look like this in you html editor (in this case, I’m using Kompozer to prove a point). The default Paypal Buy Now button above was shown as is, for the code under the Web tab was simply copied in the Source tab. The image with another Buy Now button was linked to the code under the Email tab as shown here.

Paypal button testing

Testing of default Paypal Buy Now button and own image in an HTML editor


5. Test the whole process using the new Buy Now button. Just imagine that your site is 90% done and the other 10% that will complete it is the Buy Now button that’s linked to Paypal.

This should do the work… You can do the test purchase and you should be brought to where you’ve pointed the product to.

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