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10 Awesome Functions of Elegant Themes ePanel

The Elegant Themes Epanel stands out especially among the beginners because of its ease, elegance and functionality. Elegant Themes is definitely a cool place for newcomers because of price and functionality as also summarized here. In this post, I’ll try to dig deeper into the Elegant Themes Epanel that redefines the technical ambiguities of a WordPress Theme.

Here’s the list.

1. Logo

One seemingly difficult portion of creating a blog is the positioning of logos. While other themes would need you to configure the header and then the logo, Elegant Themes Epanel would simply ask you to upload your logo from your PC. As long as you already have your transparent and perfectly-sized logo stored in your hard drive, then it’s good to go.

Elegant Themes Epanel logo

2. Exclusion of Categories

Just tick the categories that you want to appear on the main page and together with a few configurations in the Menu, it’ll be all set.  In this case, I didn’t want the deafault category “Uncategorized” to be displayed.

Elegant Themes Epanel inclusion of categories

3. Featured Slider

This is everybody’s favorite I guess. This one gives your site the distinctive look and feel of your site. As long as you have those essential graphics, you can use them either in Posts or Pages. I have set the 6 Pages here to fade every 10 seconds, thus my site visitors can enjoy the nice-looking images at the main page. I don’t have to learn flash, really.

Elegant Themes Epanel Featured Slider

  4. Navigation Pages

Depending on the theme you’ve chosen, you can have 1, 2 or 3 Menus where your Navigation bars can be configured. You can have Posts or Pages in it. In this case, the meaning of check marks in this Epanel section simply means that they will be displayed in the main page. You can enable or disable the drop down menus and the Home link if you want to.

Elegant Themes Epanel Navigation Page

5. Navigation Categories

Likewise, you can configure your Navigation bar to display Categories or not. You can display a category in your navigation bar but not necessarily have it in the Featured slider. In this particular case, I didn’t want any of the categories to be be shown on top of my navigation bars.

Elegant Themes Epanel Navigation categories

6. Single Post Layout

You can choose not to include the Author, Date, Categories or Comments in your posts in this portion. Placing thumbs on posts is also an option. Meaning, if you want to show a tiny little image to somehow summarize your post, the tool is readily available. Just enable it anytime you want.

Elegant Themes Epanel Single Post layout

7. Ad Integration

You can easily manage your ads or affiliate banners in your blog through this function. Just paste the banner image and the destination URL, save it and you’re done. This is normally for 468×60 banner.

Elegant Themes Epanel Ad integration

8 . Colorization

You can customize your site’s color in this side of Elegant Themes epanel. You can be as creative and artistic as you like as far as the color of your Sidebar Title Heading, Main Font, Page Menu link, Footer Widget headings, among others are concerned.

Elegant Themes epanel colorization

9. SEO

This one is functioning well for some of my sites. In this particular example, I’ve managed to land in the number one page of SERPs after configuring this. It’s indeed an awesome function you wouldn’t want to neglect.

Elegant Themes epanel SEO

10. Integration

If you’re fond of Google Analytics, you can easily paste your code in one of the boxes (normally <body>) provided. You also have a space for any other code in the head, top or bottom of your blog.

Elegant Themes epanel Integration

Bottom line, Elegant Themes epanel makes you look professional even if you’re a beginner. Unfortunately, being a newbie just can’t be made as an excuse for your site’s look and performance. You have to have a tool that will make you look like an authority. After all of Elegant Themes epanel settings and configurations, my wife’s salon website looked simple but amazingly functional at this.

D'che Salon front page using Elegant Themes' The Professional

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  1. I have been thinking of changing my theme, but am worried about the effects on my rankings…although right now they have suffered from the latest updates to a degree. The Elegant themes ePanel certainly impresses me.

    I certainly need to update as mine is an old Revolution theme, now Studiopress.

    Are any of their themes mobile responsive? That’s one of the reasons I am looking to change my theme.
    Charles Moore recently posted..Low and High Blood Pressure Chart ReadingsMy Profile

    • Hi Charles!

      The Handheld Theme of Elegant Themes is meant for mobile devices. Haven’t tried it but I’m sure it’s cool. The rest of the themes are also updated to respond to handheld devices. This particular theme is functionally working in my phone.


      • Hi Jojo,

        Thanks for the info. I just looked at the ‘Handheld Theme’ and it looks like it is a plugin for all themes…is that right?

        If so, that would be great if I could use something like that…although I think my site needs a total facelift.
        Charles Moore recently posted..CHEATmeals Review – Herbal Fat Blocker and Carb BlockerMy Profile

        • I’ll dig it up for you Charles. The support theme of Elegant Themes is impressive as they normally get back within 24 hours. By the way, you have a great site as well. But I’m sure you can experiment with the themes in ET since you have 76 (as of now) to choose from.

        • Just a heads up Charles. It’s a theme that can be used along any other theme. I hope that answers your question.

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