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10 Sensible Reasons In Choosing WP Elegant Themes

Scrutinize these 10 sensible reasons in choosing WP Elegant Themes and see for yourself why more and more bloggers and/or website creators are loving such theme over other WordPress themes. This could be a great resource for your own reference. Here they are…

1. Nick Roach, the creator of  WP Elegant Themes, was about 14 years old when his passion for web designing started in the form of experimentation. Though his first intention was to make a website for his band, that first interaction with bits and pieces of codes from other sites led him to create lots of different sites, including his basic tutorial site, As he went on to major Graphics design in college, he developed that motivation further to tinker on the coding aspect of web development. Thus, Elegant Themes was born more than 3 years ago.

WP Elegant Themes creator's early site, Voidix

Nick Roach of Elegant Themes created tutorial site in his early years of design


2. The support team is generally young and talented. Various problems are normally expected as you create your site. I once asked them if I could modify the WP Elegant Themes at the bottom right of the page. The support team came back to me and helped me with my css file by adding this code – <p id=”copyright”><?php _e(‘Designed by ‘,’eStore’); ?> <a href=”” title=”Elegant Themes”>Elegant Themes</a> | <?php _e(‘Powered by ‘,’eStore’); ?> <a href=””>Wordpress</a></p>. After modifying and saving the file, I uploaded it to my host with Filezilla, overwriting the existing css file. Problem was simply solved. Noticeably, all of the moderators help to that extent. They can also do site customization for members and non-members if you need one.

3. Each theme is supported with 1, 2 or 3 Menus. These are usually your navigation bars seen at your site’s front page. You can use one for your main page and the other for your categories or a combination. This is especially helpful if you have various contents for your site. Menus can easily be configured at the WP Elegant Themes’ epanel.

4. You don’t have to learn flash to have a dynamic image in your site. Just set the Featured Slider in your ePanel and you’ll have your still images moving sideways or fading. You can either use the images in any of your categories or pages. As you set the Featured Slider at the lower right of a Page or Post, you’ll be asked of an image which will be posted as thumbnail or otherwise. If you’ve set Pages for your Featured Slider, then make sure that you’ve set the Featured Image of About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Members or other main pages that you have.

5. You can install your Autoresponder code in WP Elegant Themes sidebar using the Text Widget to build your list. Just drag the widget to the sidebar, copy and paste the code and save it. Just make sure the Autoresponder format fits into the width of the sidebar, otherwise your home page will be compromised.


Autoresponder code in Elegant Themes Widgets portion

Autoresponder code in Elegant Themes


6. Enable or disable custom title, meta keywords, meta description or canonical URL’s and you’ll have a more optimized page or post. If you wish to disable the custom titles though, the autogeneration in BlogPost|Blog Description, Blog Description|Blog Name or BlogName only format. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’ll land in the first place automatically. Your contents,  backlinks and how you market your site using essential keywords will greatly help.

7. You can easily insert your Google Analytics code to its designated spot.  Just copy your code and paste it in the Integration section of the epanel. You don’t have to insert the code in every page of your site.


Elegant Themes Google Analytics code

Sample of Google Analytics code in Elegant Themes epanel


8. The WP Elegant themes short codes can bring in fresh look in your articles. They’re user-friendly and you’ll be amazed of the result. Just press a button and choose which WP Elegant Themes short code you’d want to use – ET Box, ET button, ET Tabs or Author Bio. These are especially significant if you want to grab your visitors’ eyes and direct them to certain contents in a post.

9. The price is really amazing at $39 annually. With 70 themes today, each theme would just cost you about 55 cents. That’s magnificently reasonable considering all themes are professional and elegant looking. More importantly, if you’re unhappy of your experience for whatever reason, then you have 30 days to email WP Elegant Themes support group and you will be refunded in FULL with NO QUESTIONS asked. That’s fair enough I guess…

10. If you wish to develop websites for others, you can use the $89 license. You will have the Photoshop files and can use any theme for your clients. You can easily charge $200 for each professional-looking, functional website to your clients. Web designer or not, that should be an easy Return of Investment, isn’t it?

Elegant Theme Pricing

Personal, Developer and Lifetime Access


With these 10 sensible reasons in choosing WP Elegant Themes, you’ll find it more difficult to use any other WordPress theme. With professional graphics and contents, one would hardly believe that you’re not a web designer. I guess it’s a modest complement from the Elegant Themes family.



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  1. Hey,

    Great Article!

    Any any detailed advice about how to SEO optimize your site using elegant themes SEO tools? I’ve been trying to find a tutorial, but they’ve been hard to come across.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Aaron!

      WP SEO plugin works in Elegant Themes well.

      Thanks for the compliment!

    • Hi Aaron!

      Apologies for coming in too late..

      Elegant Themes ePanel has an optimization tool that you can use. There are also a number of plugins that are good in optimizing your site. I’ll take note of that tutorial thing. I’ve got simple tutorial in here, but not as detailed as optimizing.



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