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10 Traffic Secrets Of Kim Roach In 2012 Revealed!

These 10 traffic secrets of Kim Roach in 2012 revealed in this post can drive 1,000 visitors per day to your site. For those of you who don’t know Kim Roach, she is the traffic queen. She is a traffic addict!  I admire her skills and enthusiasm when it comes to discovering new or classic ways of generating traffic. She seems to be always ahead of everyone. It’s sometimes overwhelming to the point of envying her, but what’s the point? Instead, I follow her and when she gives out bonuses, I’d make it a point that I’d be there to catch the early eggs.10 Traffic Secrets of Kim Roach In 2012

A few days ago, I purchased Phil Turner’s Underground Traffic Secrets and listened immediately to Kim. She gave 5 traffic secrets on how to earn a thousand dollars in 30 days with no traffic whatsoever on day 1 (this was Phil’s golden question). I was simply blown away!

Today, I’ve again read her article and this is what she has to say. This brought in thousands of visitors for her the last few weeks and it just kept on coming. So without further delays, here’s the 10 traffic secrets of Kim Roach in 2012 that can also bring in hundreds or thousands of unique visitors to your business.

1. Solo Ads – Kim has all the reasons to put this as her priority. She has been focusing on this lately and this week alone brought her 249 unique visitors and generated 134 subscribers. That’s more than 50%! What’s her cost? $50. After 48 hours, everything 2was profit. That’s truly amazing! She even claimed that you can make solo ads as your exclusive traffic generator.

2. Ad SwapsAs the name suggests, this is swapping of freebies to each owner’s list. The freebies are normally offered in the other person’s squeeze page in exchange of the list’s email and address. As a result, both are adding new subscribers to their lists.

3. Rocket Deals – Can send 1,000-5,000 traffic to someone else’s website every week. The goal is to get your ad or content on someone’s Thank You Page, Log-out page, Autoresponder Follow-ups, Bonus Area, Upsell, Banner Space, etc… Do this to 3 to 5 people a month an you’ll have 10T to 20T monthly visitors.

4. Integration Marketing – This is simply a contribution of your product as a bonus to somebody else’s list. In exchange you can build a list of ready buyers.

5. Forum Marketing - This might be old school, but Kim is still doing this stuff. The difference probably between the relevant few and the many others who may still be struggling is the real value that’s given out. More value means more traffic. The number of Thank You’s can attest to her value.


10 Traffic Secrets of Kim Roach in 2012 Halfway Through

Though the first half was stunning and a killer, the rest of the list is equally important…


6. High-Level Guest BloggingThis was Kim Roach’s #1 traffic source when she was beginning. Until now, she’s doing this and sites like, Rosalind Gardner’s,,,, Pat Flynn’s and many others have been sending her thousands of visitors each month. She has specified to go big or go home. That one’s really challenging though especially for beginners. But for as long as you could create super quality content, who knows?

7. Pillar Content – Can you create an incredibly mind-blowing content that’s worth sharing? Her articles were reportedly created as products and sold over and over again. That simply differentiated her from her competitors. What an incredible gem!

8. Social Media – “Business is about relationships. People are buying from people they know, like, and trust”. So true…!  That’s why Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest of those social media wonders are probably the best rendezvous for all ages recently.

9. Paid Advertising – On top of Solo Ads, Kim Roach considers this as one of her traffic wonders. Banner ads, Facebook ads and a customized one with website owners are part of her ads efforts.

10. World-Class Affiliate Program- Making her affiliates happier by giving out 100% commission was part of her game plan. In effect, that trick was sending her load of traffic each month. She’s currently raising the bar higher as she prepares a new affiliate program for her Marketing Lab membership site.

10 Traffic Secrets of Kim Roach In 2012 Revealed


These may be overwhelming for now, but just like the rest who are striving further to reach this stage, I keep this as personal motivation. But first thing’s first especially if you haven’t settled down online – why would you want traffic? What’s in your site to benefit your sites’ visitors? I hope these 10 traffic secrets of Kim Roach in 2012 will keep your drive as high as possible.

To follow Kim Roach, you can click here.



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  1. Thanks for this.

    It is a big help for me..

    • You’re welcome.

      • do you have step by step guide for point 3

        • Hi! You may follow the link and assess if Kim’s strategy fits you. I don’t have it specifically.

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