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5 Reasons Why I’m Recommending This Book To Convert Word Document To Kindle

There may be several good e-books out there that will teach you to convert Word document to kindle, but since I didn’t purchase them all, I could only specify my personal reasons why I’m recommending Charles Spender’s Formatting of Kindle Books: a Brief Tutorial. If you’re like me and the rest who have been using Word document to write and is extremely puzzled on how to convert it to Kindle format, then you might need to get hold of this book as well. Again, there could be better books out there, but since I didn’t have a first-hand experience with them, I can only outline my objective reasons why I think you should also have this particular book.

Last Nov. 1, 2012, I self-published Mastering Work-Life Balance: 15 Success Principles To Conquer Balance And Win the Game Of Life successfully for the first time. The process of publishing in Kindle Direct Publishing was easy, but the challenge really then was the conversion of my manuscript in Word document to Kindle format so those with Kindle devices wouldn’t read strange characters, unnecessary blank spaces, unpleasant indents, and the like. Thus, I tried to look for related topics in various forums, articles and a few reviews until Mr. Spender’s wonderful creation got my attention. To date, I’d assume it is still much better than the free guide of Amazon called Building Your Book For Kindle.

My 5 reasons Why I’m Recommending A Book Teaching To Convert Word Document To Kindle.

1. He first outlined the pitfalls in using the manual created by Kindle Direct Publishing – Building Your Book For Kindle. That somehow saved me time and avoided further confusions when I discontinued reading that manual. He also has a specific recommendation if you’ll eventually follow the instructions of Building Your Book For Kindle.

2. He used screenshots to describe what he was saying. In fact, almost every page has images describing a particular instruction of how to convert Word document to Kindle.

3. The instructions on putting images are extremely understandable. So if you’re thinking of putting images or tables to your manuscript, then rest assured you can format them correctly. He also has recommended dimensions of your graphics for the title as well as the contents so they won’t look bad in Kindle devices or Kindle apps. Below is an excerpt from my book.

One challenge to convert Word document to Kindle is graphics!

Graphical image of my first book in Kindle format


4. The specific instructions are sharp, easy-to-follow and clear. You will be taught of how and when to use the spaces, indents, quotes, headers, etc.

5. He explained the insertion of Table Of Contents very clearly. I had a hard time looking for free how to’s in Warrior Forum, You Tube and other sources, but wasn’t satisfied of my findings (or perhaps I just didn’t look pretty far). Anyhow, Charles did a great job explaining how the table of contents are linked to the beginning of the chapters. It was like hand-holding indeed!

One of the challenges to convert Word document to Kindle

My first book’s Table Of Contents


If you’re baffled where to source out how to convert Word document to Kindle, look no further. As long as you don’t easily get discouraged about what others will say about the Kindle business (yes, Charles can also discourage you in his first few paragraphs), then you’re bound to learn how to convert Word document to Kindle format the easy way.

Convert Word document to Kindle format

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