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A Chris Farrell Membership Mantra – DON’T GIVE UP!

Greg Dibruno is one of those guys who just couldn’t decide. He has been with Chris Farrell Membership for over two years now but his story is certainly common to many of us who just wouldn’t act on an idea fast. It took him a couple of years before finding that burning passion in video marketing.

The following story is his own post in Chris Farrell Membership which he submitted in this site. Thus, his intended audience here was the Chris Farrell Membership members ourselves. Originally titled, “The Day Has Arrived”, this post is also relevant to those who are non-members trying to run their Internet Marketing journey alone but in one form or another have the feeling of throwing up the towel. Hear Greg in his own words…

I have been a member here for a little over 2 years. When I first joined, I knew that the solution to my online future was right here. Before joining Chris Farrell Membership, I had never purchased anything in regards to learning how to build an online business. I have seen all of the products that were pitched and all the promises that went along with them – but I just never had any real belief in them. One day, I was trying to learn how to make a custom header for a website. I came across a website where I was shown just how to do that. It is also where I first learned of this membership site because the website had a link to Chris’ A Web Business Explained video course.

When I saw these videos, there was something about Chris Farrell that just made me feel comfortable. Maybe it was the English accent but what I do know, is that in watching those videos, I gained the most clarity in understanding about how a web business really works. As many of the moderators would agree, I had all of the beginners’ questions that one usually has, but I also had questions about different niches. I thought of a different niche almost everyday and soon, I had no idea what I was going to do. It soon became apparent that I was indeed suffering from the dreaded INFORMATION OVERLOAD!

I was getting ticked off because I knew what I had to do, but for some reason, I just wasn’t doing it. I would get so far and then doubt would set in and I would give up. I was seeing other members that joined around the same time I did rise to the top and while I was happy for them, I was feeling sorry for myself asking “why could they do it and not me?” Doubt really started to set in and being a member here wasn’t panning out how I had planned. I didn’t blame Chris, but I knew something had to give. So I had to resort to a very low-tech process. That was doing some serious soul searching. When I did this, I decided that I needed to take a break from Chris Farrell Membership. I was offering help where I could and always getting help when I asked for it, but in doing all of that, I wasn’t giving myself or my online business the proper attention it needed to get off the ground.

I then decided to teach myself everything I wanted to learn. Photoshop, video, WordPress, Facebook and more. It was time very well spent. So, I decided to take my new found web building skills and started to do websites for people in my area. It helped, but nothing as steady as I wanted. But when business did pick up, I didn’t like having to meet deadlines or meet the demands of my clients. It was like I had a JOB again. Time for more soul searching! Well, the time off did me well. I found a niche that I honestly loved and one that I was teaching myself simply out of pure enjoyment. That niche was video.

Greg Dibruno of Chris Farrell Membership

Greg Dibruno enjoying video marketing with Chris Farrell

So… I am happy to say that I finally made it. After 2 years here and fumbling around trying to find my way, I have launched my online business. Yayy! And it feels great. I also decided to take on a coach. Someone that was going to take my scattered ideas and laser focus them as Chris Farrell says. That was one of the best decisions I could have made. It put me on the fast track and unlocked things inside of me that I once thought were not possible. Making my own products and putting them together in almost lighting speed. I couldn’t believe what I was able to do.

So, this message is for a few people. The most important person is Chris Farrell. A big heart felt thank you to you sir. Not only for this site but for also helping me on a personal level at one time. I will never forget that. You have taught me a great deal and you still do. Also, I have to thank the amazing moderators here. Jeff, Steve, Allen, Wes, Tricia and the others (sorry I am leaving names out) are truly amazing people. They always had time to answer me and many times personally help me. If not for them, I would not have stayed here so long or learn the things I have learned. I know there are many people here that I do not know and I almost feel like the new kid on the block. But now, I look forward to meeting the new people here and helping out where I can. I truly believe in giving back and there isn’t a better place for me to do that then right here. It felt so good to add my new banner in the sig area. It was like reaching the top of a mountain. I still have more to climb to get to where I want to be, but the focus I have is there and I know all of the steps I have to take next.

For those of you just starting off – all I can say is that you are in the best place on the web to learn. Especially with what Chris Farrell has coming down the pike for us with the new site. If you feel discouraged, hang in there because if you really want it, you will get it. Not a doubt in my mind! My next goal…To get that interview with Chris himself and to personally thank him. Since my time here, Chris has become a rock star. He shakes hands, cuts ribbons, hold babies and gives out dog treats. But my goal to have a coffee with the man is on my bucket list.

I have waited a long time to post a message like this here and it really feels great! I plan on being here more to help out the newer members so I do look forward to that. I will be busy with my site and blog, but I will try to make every effort to be here as much as I can. Also, I have something very special I plan on sharing with everyone here. I hope to announce it before the weekend or early next week. But it will be super helpful and my way of paying it forward. Thanks for reading. I hope this gives new hope to anyone that might be having doubts or anyone that is at the point of giving up. DON’T! A quitter never wins and a winner never quits! Keep at it because you are in the best place to succeed. I look forward to being back here and catching up with as many of you as possible.

My best to everyone here!!!


Kindest Regards,

Chris Farrell Membership member







Greg Dibruno

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