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Chris Farrell Membership Newbie Now A “Healthy Conqueror”

Chris Farrell Membership will never run out of beginners or shall we say, newbies. That’s my own opinion though. Newbies or “new babies” of Chris Farrell Membership (less than a year), are not necessarily new to Internet Marketing. They may have found other ways to do it from some other sources before, but it was only in Chris Farrell Membership that they happily conquered their apprehensions in creating websites.

And Gary is one of them…

This story is a classic example of a determined individual pursuing his passion in the health market, particularly in the “low carb health” niche. You’ve got to see how he systematically organized his “healthy” site below – simple, free of clutter, direct. Hear more of Gary in his own message.


I found It

Gary of Chris Farrell Membership

It’s quite interesting how when I look back and really think about it, I have gone from one link to another. When I say link I mean, one moment of significance to another. It is clear that I have been searching for ways of creating a passive income for a long time. When we search and keep searching, we usually, eventually find what it is we are looking for. We take what we find and we examine it, analyse it and finally decide if what we have found is a suitable match or will offer satisfactory support for what it is we want to achieve. We discover something that hopefully will change things for us but, they are seldom the golden egg we were promised.

It has taken me a long time to realize that the answer actually lies in my thinking and my approach and attitude towards what I would interpret for myself as success. I, like so many others I am sure, have invested in products and courses that promise to be the “answer to quick money” etc. We are human – we are opportunists which leads me to why I am writing this article.


How I Found Chris Farrell Membership

I would like to share a small part of my story of how I found the Chris Farrell Membership and subsequently, what it is I have managed to achieve to date from the input of Chris Farrell.

I had gone from one course or membership site to another over about two years, slowly filtering the content and advice. Somehow I came across the AffiliateDOTcom course with Chris Farrell and Mike Filsaime. I decided to buy the course and that was the start to me really understanding how to set up a website and market an online business the proper way. The same way we are taught at the Chris Farrell Membership.

Of course it was a no brainer to join the Chris Farrell Membership (CFM). In fact, I have to say that the information at CFM is so comprehensive I just don’t need to look elsewhere, whether it is building a site, traffic or the whole process, from A to Z. I never thought I would or could ever achieve what I have, and that is thanks to Chris Farrell.


Success In Place

My site is done. There will probably be a few tweaks to it along the way but I am happy with it. The basics are now in place. Now I am starting the traffic process which is another big learning curve for me. But once something is learnt it is learnt. So this has been my Internet Marketing story so far.

I have gone from one stage to another always learning. But, the great thing about learning is, once you know it, you know it! And of course there is always the next thing to learn, isn’t there? Always!



Fary J. Reinink of Chris Farrell Membership






Gary Reinink

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