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A Specialist Who Found Home In Chris Farrell Membership Site

Craig Hawkins is a specialist who found home in Chris Farrell Membership site just recently. He is interested in self-development and what makes a business genius tick. He’s addicted to popular science books and the application of scientific thinking to business. That’s his nature and he loves it. Though he has been marketing online for quite some time now, it’s interesting to note that specialists like him still admire the the likes of Chris Farrell. Here is his story…


Have been marketing online for several years …and pretty much like everyone else, was largely ‘in-the-dark’ when I started. In fact it is only over the last few months, that I have made headway. Started writing regular articles for my WordPress Blog, beginning to integrate SEO …particularly with regard to finding a niche within which I can develop my own business space.

Despite all I have learned, there was a definite and persistent nagging feeling of a gap in my marketing skills. Everything I learned was done in a rather hit-and-miss manner. So the knowledge I have gained is rather fuzzy and filed in my head -in a rather disorganised way – What I really needed, is a place, where I could organise, everything I need to know, to then run my online business, in a more professional manner, and focus my efforts in a more focused way.

Chris Farrell Membership site gives me exactly what I need. I now feel I have the perfect mentor to apprentice with. It is fantastic to find someone, who is the real deal – in online marketing terms – someone who has genuinely achieved a high degree of success. This success comes not from the haphazard, hit-and-miss way in which most individuals online are trying to run their business – but rather, from clearly defined strategies – that can be followed, in an easy step-by-step manner.

Craig Hawkins, Chris Farrell Success Stories contributor

Craig Hawkins of Chris Farrell Membership


What is so brilliant about Chris Farrell Membership site, is that it completely shifts the mind-set of the individual, so that they can prepare themselves to become good at online marketing. I have never seen another membership site like this anywhere. Everything one needs to know, is within this members site. Despite all my online efforts, the one thing that was lacking from my marketing efforts, was the ability – to essentially make sales. All the effort I put in …and I constantly felt like I was ‘treading-water’.

What Chris Farrell manages to do, is to present information, in a very specific and targeted way, stripped of overloaded jargon, fluff and padding. It is essentially Internet Marketing stripped down to the bare essentials …of what one needs to do, and the processes to follow to succeed online. Internet marketing, approached in the wrong way …can leave you feeling slightly schizophrenic: As you jump from one potential opportunity to another, always with a nagging fear, that what your doing isn’t really working.

If only someone could come along and show you exactly what you need to do ….and that is what Chris Farrell does. I cannot stress strongly enough, the main point to get across here – Chris Farrell Membership site, contains ‘literally’ everything you need, to succeed online. You can easily get to grips with these tools and training …and in this, you are essentially ‘re-programming’ yourself to succeed.










Craig Hawkins


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