Which one of these people is a marketable skill?

The world’s top 10 most valuable people in 2017, according to the world’s most comprehensive rankings of the world´s most powerful people.

Read moreA few things stood out from the list:The world´t-most powerful people, which are defined by their ability to inspire awe, awe-inspiring feats and extraordinary courage, were:In total, the world has more than 7.3 billion people.

The world is divided into five continents.

The top 20 people on the list have all been born on a continent, with India, China, Russia and the US each having two members. 

Each continent has its own history, cultures and geography.

The five most important factors for determining a person´s worth are their ability, capacity and influence.

The world is also divided into three groups:those who are truly powerful, those who are powerful in their own right and those who´s a market-able skill.

In the world of power, power-hungry people have a lot of options.

The most powerful person in the world is usually a man, with the likes of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin the most famous and powerful men in the country.

They can also have a woman or two in the top 10, such as the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. 

The world’s richest people are also mostly men.

The richest people on this list are the CEOs of Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, while the most powerful woman in the United States is the CEO of Walmart.

The most powerful country in the entire world is Japan, followed by Russia, South Korea and China.

These three countries are the most influential countries in the global economy and their leaders are also the most important political leaders. 

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The 10 most powerful individuals in the whole worldSource: CNN Money This article originally appeared on The Conversation