New job for Google’s chief technology officer

Google’s Chief Technology Officer is joining the company’s marketing and business strategy group, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The move comes as the company has struggled to improve its image with advertisers and consumers as it faces an increasing number of antitrust and privacy concerns.

The report says the new role is expected to bring more Google expertise to the group.

“It’s the right move for Google to have an executive who can help shape the company,” a source familiar with the hiring said.

The new hire joins Google’s marketing strategy group as it seeks to expand its reach into areas including search and video advertising, a Google spokesperson told The Wall St Journal.

It is unclear if the new job is related to the search giant’s push to get more users to sign up for Google Maps and other Google services.

Google has faced criticism for its search efforts, which have struggled to win over users in recent years, as well as its advertising initiatives.

Google’s revenue is currently down slightly, but that hasn’t slowed its efforts to get users to switch to Google services, such as its Gmail and YouTube.

The company’s advertising spending rose to $5.7 billion in 2016, up more than $500 million from 2015.