How to be a digital marketing expert in Asia

More than 100 people from the US, China and Japan are joining forces to create a global digital marketing community, aiming to connect with more than a billion people globally via online video, social media, email and online chat.

“We’re all here for the same reason,” said James Hui, an entrepreneur who co-founded iBuzz in the US.

“We’re here to find each other.

The internet is the way of life.

And we’re all connected, and that’s what’s great.”

The company has built a digital community around its platform for online video and video games, and the founders hope it will help attract people to join the global digital business.

iBuddys founder James Hsiu said that while there were some similarities between his company and iBuddy, they also shared similar values.

The group aims to help users understand what digital marketing means to them and connect with others around the world.

“In my mind, I see iBuds as a new kind of social media,” Hsiui said.

“People can use it to meet other people in real time, but there’s also a lot of potential for it to help them make connections with other brands and influencers.”

The group, which launched in September, is currently working with companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Its aim is to create communities for brands and content creators to create content for both consumers and brands.

“The more content people see, the more engagement they have,” said Hsiun.

“And we believe that that content is going to be the key to unlocking new audiences and attracting new businesses.”

Hsiu, who graduated from University of California Berkeley with a degree in finance, said he is optimistic that his business model will be successful.

“This is the future of digital marketing,” he said.

“When we were starting, we were kind of just doing online video marketing.

Now, we’re focusing on creating a community around that content and connecting with people around the globe.

And it’s going to bring in people who want to connect, who want an authentic experience and who want brands to share with their friends.”

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