Which marketing skills should you seek in 2018?

A growing number of marketers are seeking more advanced marketing skills than the skills they were trained in five or six years ago.

They’re looking for the ability to better understand what their customers want, how to respond to customer requests and how to craft content that fits into the client’s target market.

And some are even trying to master new technologies like social media marketing, analytics and other online marketing tools.

The latest trends for marketing skills include:As marketers continue to adapt to changing needs and technologies, the skills needed to get ahead are becoming more specialized and specialized skills are becoming less common.

In fact, the number of new marketers with marketing skills has dropped to just under 1.5 million in 2018, down from 2.5 billion in 2017.

In the first quarter of 2019, the median earnings for an associate at an industry-wide firm increased by 5% to $98,600.

For a salesperson at a small-business office, the figure was up to $102,600, according to the Institute for the Study of the Workforce.

In a broader survey of more than 3,400 people, marketing skills accounted for just 2% of the responses.

That is not a trend that can be attributed to a shortage of skills.

Instead, the survey suggests that some marketing skills are more popular than others.

Many people who are trying to get into the job market for the first time, especially millennials, say that their primary need is to have the right skills to be successful.

They want to understand the market, find the right customers, and communicate effectively.

“People who want to make a name for themselves need to be able to communicate effectively and quickly,” said Mary Ellen Smith, a senior marketing manager at CareerBuilder, a firm that helps companies recruit and train employees.

But those who are already in the business need more than just a marketing degree to get in.

They also need to know how to find, develop and manage clients and build brand value.

That’s why it’s important to understand your business needs and your market, said David A. Stearns, an associate professor of marketing at Georgetown University and a former president of the National Association of Marketing Directors.

“If you’re going to be doing this as a full-time employee, you need to have a very good understanding of what your business does and why,” he said.

In this post, we’re looking at some of the top trends in marketing skills in 2018.

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