How to Market Yourself with Alexa Skills

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

The Amazon Alexa Skills Developer Guide has been released, and as expected, it’s filled with advice on how to market yourself with Alexa skills.

The guide is a must read for anyone who wants to be successful in the industry.

But if you’re new to Alexa skills development, there’s still a lot of information in here to digest.

The Alexa Skills Guide is an easy read, but I have to admit I’m not a fan of the “How to use Alexa skills” section.

It’s an overwhelming mess of jargon and tips that don’t really help me build a marketable skill.

The only way to really learn Alexa skills is to do them yourself, and this guide is full of that.

It also makes no mention of Alexa itself, making it a bit of a non-starter for most people.

But, as usual, I’ve rounded up the best Alexa skills guides you can use to learn new skills and get better.

So, without further ado, here’s how to use the Alexa Skills developer guide to market your skills to Alexa.


Use the Alexa App to Get Started 2.

Find Your Competitor 3.

Use Alexa Skill Codes 4.

Set Up a Test Session 5.

Build a Test Listening Session 6.

Build Your Alexa Skill 7.

Get Started with Alexa 8.

Make a Listening Listening Request 9.

Create a Test Response 10.

Make an Amazon Echo Request 11.

Make Your Echo Request 12.

Create an Alexa Skill Request 13.

Add an Echo Request 14.

Add Alexa Skill Actions 15.

Get Alexa Skill Feedback 16.

Add a Request to the Listening Sessions 17.

Get a Response to an Alexa Request 18.

Request an Alexa Event 19.

Request a Request from an Alexa Voice Request 20.

Make Amazon Echo Listening by Alexa 21.

Make your Alexa Voice Requests for Alexa 22.

Create and Schedule Alexa Voice Sessions 23.

Set a Listener Session 24.

Make Echo Requests 25.

Create your Amazon Echo Schedule 26.

Request the Listener Sessions for Alexa 27.

Create Amazon Echo Requesters 28.

Request Listener Schedule 29.

Request Alexa Listening 30.

Make Alexa Voice Listening 31.

Create Alexa Voice Session 32.

Make the Listeners Voice Requesters 33.

Create the Alexa Voice Response 34.

Create Your Echo Response 35.

Create An Echo Response 36.

Create Voice Response 37.

Make You a Voice Request for Alexa 38.

Request Your Echo Schedule 39.

Make Voice Response 40.

Request Echo Schedule 41.

Create Request to Your Echo 42.

Create Response to Your Voice Request 43.

Request Voice Response 44.

Create Echo Request 45.

Request An Echo Request 46.

Create Reply to Your Request 47.

Request Request from Alexa 48.

Create Answer to Your Answer Request 49.

Request Answer from Alexa 50.

Create reply to Your Response