Why do we still need the Israeli TV channel?

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

A new Israeli channel launched by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proven a hit with audiences across the country.

The channel is the latest move by Netanyahu, who has been pushing for greater control over the Israeli media.

It has been a major success for the government.

The popularity of the channel is a clear indicator of Netanyahu’s power.

His popularity ratings have soared to the highest levels of his first year in office, while his government has expanded its reach.

But the channel has also come under fire for its apparent anti-Arab bias, with many Israelis calling for an end to the channel.

Netanyahu has denied these accusations, saying the channel was an expression of freedom of speech.

The government has long sought to control the Israeli news media, but has also pushed to limit the spread of non-Jewish news, a move that has also angered many Jews.

Netanyahus critics say the channel aims to marginalize the state and incite anti-Semitism.

The first episode of the Channel 10 news channel was aired on February 25, 2017.

The channel is known for its anti-Semitic commentary.

The program also includes the controversial “Bait-and-Switch” segments, which describe the rise of Islam and the Arab world as the threat to Israel and the Jews.