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BloggersBase – A Fun And Refreshing Way To Generate Traffic

If you love article writing, if you love competitions and if you love fun, then you will love BloggersBase. BloggersBase is a young start-up company, whose members share a dream of making the Internet a better place. Headed by CEO and Co-Founder Dan Barak, the team boasts very strong academic backgrounds, as well as many years of software development & project management experience in large software companies – Cisco, Applied Materials, Ethrix and SiemensUGSTechnomatix.

BloggersBase provides a discovery platform for bloggers, user-generate-content and readers alike. This platform takes the form of an online magazine spanning various topics, each implemented as a multi-authored blog, moderated by algorithm-enhanced crowd wisdom. Its magazine introduces a brand new concept of citizen-journalism, using powerful analytics and unique algorithms.

When I first joined BloggersBase in Sept 27, I wasn’t sure of what I was into. But with its free, easy access, I found myself posting articles after articles in succeeding weeks. What made it more interesting was you can literally copy and paste your site’s articles to Bloggersbase. They even have a WordPress plugin where your articles are automatically posted to your profile in Bloggersbase.

Initially, I didn’t bother much about article submissions. It was consuming about an hour or two of my time and found it somehow boring especially with foreign terminologies such as “Nuggets” and “Goldmine”.  But when they started sending me emails about the status of my two or three articles for that specific time slot, something sparked. Below is my 2nd notification saying I placed 2nd. The first notification dated Oct. 16 placed me at first even as a Newbie.


bloggersbase notification

Second notification from bloggersbase


Looking at the Top Bloggers at Bloggersbase inside the Goldmine, you’d notice that I placed 2nd. A Goldmine contains contender posts for bloggers who want to submit premium contents. Normally, they post the first, second and third winners only. As a Newbie, I was pretty contented with that feat.

blog competition at bloggersbase

Top Bloggers at Bloggersbase for the week

With this, I’m looking forward to hurdle each stage till I reach the Scholar status. Here’s the order of ranking…

  • Newbie
  • Scribe
  • Penman
  • Composer
  • Essayist
  • Columnist
  • Author
  • Wordsmith
  • Scholar
I’m not sure how to get there but the game plan is to continue writing. Writing for bloggersbase also gave me a new cause to keep my own blog pumping.  Just like many other dreamers, some desires burn like wildfire but would die down fast. I believe Bloggersbase and its reward schemes would also keep one’s hands busy.

There is also the other part of the equation. You can become an unbiased Appraiser. Your goal then is to become an Oracle in the community by providing unsolicited feedback or comments on others’ works.

bloggersbase profile section

My profile at bloggersbase

On top of the monetary rewards in Bloggersbase, what’s important is to create a credible reputation and ultimately funnel your readers in Bloggersbase to your website. It’s indeed fun and refreshing way to generate traffic! As you can see, I have so far 1877 views in less than a month. Something that I never experienced in Ezine or Articlesbase. Though my URL clicks from Bloggersbase are low, I believe they’ll come. So if you find it interesting,  join Bloggersbase and let’s support each others’ works for fun or even for living.

And by the way, I don’t know why but I have a feeling that Bloggersbase will fly sooner rather than later. Check out your external keyword tool and bloggersbase has currently low Global Monthly Searches. Probably, the best time to be with a future Hall of Famer is when in its infancy. After all, it’s FREE!



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