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Born Again And Thrusting With Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell Membership site member, Rod Hamilton, is an accurate  symbol of perseverance. In internet marketing, most would quit when the financial promise side of it isn’t fulfilled. Guess, what? He did…

But since an ounce of blood of determination lingered in his nerves over these years despite his willingness to concede back then, it took Chris Farrell Membership for him to be born again online but this time he’s thrusting with more might. What did he do?

Hear Rod in his own words…


Rod Hamilton of Chris Farrell Membership

I have been interested in making money online for some time now. It’s been a long slow stop, start, stop, start process that began years ago. One day I was looking at the source code of a website and thought, I could do that, so I bought the book “HTML for Idiots” and made some websites.

One was for a friend of a friend’s restaurant ( that had live bees coming past the customers through a glass tube. That was my first site that made any money but only because the restaurant promoted the site not because I knew what I was doing.

I taught myself how to buy a domain name, how and where to host it, how to upload (ftp) the site to the host some of which I later found out I did wrong. My domain name was irrelevant and had no keywords. It was ( I uploaded the site to the wrong directory the first time so it wasn’t even viewable online.Rod Hamilton of Chris Farrell Membership

Back then you got traffic from Google easily just by being online with some text on your page. That’s when I came across and affiliate marketing and I thought great I’m going to be rich. I kept promoting different products and mostly used Free for all (FAA) advertising and traffic surf exchange sites to get traffic, which worked a little, back then. I wouldn’t waste my time with that now.

I made probably only 2 sales so never got paid. Then I thought I’ll make my own product, an eBook on how to make your own website. Easier said than done, so I gave up and quit internet marketing.

Years later the global recession got me thinking about ways to make ends meet again so I started a real world Sign Writing business from my garage. I eventually broke even, its hard work starting a business of any kind.

So I went online and checked out all the “make money online” websites and signed up to every site that I could find, just to get up to speed with everything. I spent a bit of money buying different eBooks and courses and memberships and got totally over whelmed and nearly quit again. That’s when I came across Chris Farrell.

After watching Chris for some time and reading nothing but glowing reviews for his membership site I took the opportunity recently to buy a Full Year membership to take advantage of a generous discount he was offering.

Logging in to Chris’ site and browsing through all the info on how to do everything related to making money online I was like WOW, why wasn’t this around before? All the time and money I wasted learning everything the hard way and it’s all in here step by step, easy to follow lessons.

I’m still going through all the stages but I have proper key worded websites online now. I have made a sale recently and expect more once I finish the “I Love Traffic” Course.

I only get my weekends to really do anything online so things move slowly for me, but now that I have the right Info and like minded people to chat with in the forum, this whole business seems totally do-able now. I highly recommend Chris Farrell Membership If you want to earn money online. Like Chris says ‘making money online is a skill, and skills are learn-able and that’s exactly what I’m doing, learning new skills.

PS: the site is being re-vamped soon and will be even better.












Rod Hamilton


In A Nutshell

Sometimes it would take wisdom for one to bounce back. Others would need courage and probably some would require luck. Rod took the road of perseverance in Chris Farrell Membership and there’s no turning back for him since then.

Try out Chris Farrell Membership today if you were once in a crossroad like Rod. It’s never be too late and it might just be the “umph” that’s needed to triumph. Click here for more success stories on Chris Farrell Membership site.

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