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Chris Farrell Success Stories Displaying Variations Of Self-Esteem

Even up to present, hearing Chris Farrell success stories can add value to some claims, philosophies or theories. When Jack Canfield, the originator of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, was asked about the importance of self-esteem in life by Vivek Kaul of ET Bureau, this is what he had to say.

“I teach something called ‘The Poker Chip Theory of Self Esteem’. It states if two people went to a casino, one with $10 to bet and the other with $100, the person with $10 is going to bet more cautiously because if they lose two bets of $5 they’re out of the game; whereas, the other person can lose $5 twenty times before they’re out of the game. Therefore, they can bet more freely, and self esteem is the same way. If I have low self esteem, I tend not to risk as much. I don’t share my ideas in staff meetings. I don’t risk investing money. I don’t ask people out on dates. I’m afraid to make requests and stand up for myself, because I have such low self esteem that if I lose more by being rejected or losing in the eyes of others, my self esteem level will be zero. Therefore, I do everything I can to protect what little I have. Soon these people become very defensive. They don’t play; they withdraw from life in general or they become braggers to try and overcome their sense of low self esteem.

Self esteem is made up primarily of two things, feeling lovable and feeling capable. Lovable means I feel people want to be with me. They invite me to parties; they affirm I have the qualities necessary to be included. Feeling capable is knowing that I can produce a result. It’s knowing I can handle anything that life hands me. So, to become capable means I have to learn things like goal setting, appropriate risk talking and how to produce the results I want. This is not generally taught in schools. That’s why there are so many workshops and trainings today – to fill in that gap.”

I believe that each and everyone of us is a by-product of so many lessons in life , including, but not limited to that theory. Theories, principles and philosophies may be constant but our own interpretations and implementations are variable. Of course there could be so many factors affecting our self-esteem that could go all the way back to our childhood – resulting to having or not having the feeling of love and capability. But then again, it could be all up to us to stay or move away from that self-understanding.

Chris Farrell success stories in Chrisfarrellship have variations of self-esteem. One may have found it earlier in life, the others have found and lost it and found it again and yet some may have earned it by surrounding themselves with those who have more than what they have.

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The author who contributed to Chris Farrell Success Stories

In internet marketing, scary and disappointing stories about the difficulty of making money online may have come from people who have less beliefs in the possibility of success online. They may have been hurt or deceived by some people at one point resulting to some low self-esteem but since they let have it loose [could be in any form – images, articles, videos -], unfortunate recipients might have somehow shelved them in their own subconscious, building another block of delimiting factors. Most often than not, they would be indexed in their mind’s search engine facilities and would result to the first page at their lowest. Worse is, they can inflict others as they go through them.

Success stories are just there waiting to be told.  The Chris Farrell success stories didn’t come overnight. Like Jack Canfield who printed his first book after two years of observation and study, they  have worked consistently, coupled with optimistic beliefs that someday they’ll reap the benefits. Along the process, they developed that self-esteem that’s essential to this business.

You may not have the 225 books in print (including the latest, Stay-at-home-Moms) that sold for 500 million copies in 47 countries of Jack Canfield, yet you can be your own Jack Canfield. Imagination can be a friend or foe in this industry. Creativity can spring up from your own imagination. Lists can be generated from one’s creativity. And money can be made from your list. And with a dollar or a thousand dollar resulting to a constant toil, self-esteem can snowball. Anything’s possible!

Real stories from real people from Chicken Soup Stay-at-home-Moms

Chris Farrell success stories can be likened to Stay-at-home moms success stories


Chris Farrell success stories? Yours could be the next….



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