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10 Multi Level Marketing Tips When You’re Still Starting

Multi Level Marketing will never be accepted by some people but will also be embraced by the others. That’s a fact!

MLM, networking or Multi Level Marketing were coined to simplify seemingly complicated structures of MLM companies. These companies are marketed non-traditionally, meaning, distributing the products straight to the consumers. All those middlemen, wholesalers, distributors and retailers, were combined into one called business associates or dealers of the Multi Level Marketing companies. Though they’re most likely overwhelming to understand at first, members, representatives or dealers of these companies develop a sense of accountability to do the business as they consistently practice it day in and day out.

You must have heard of Avon (1886), Amway (1959), Mary Kay Inc. (1963), Legal Shield (1972), Forever Living (1978), Herbal Life (1980),  Melaleuca (1985), Nu Skin (1984), USANA (1992) and many new others like DXN Global (1994), First Vita Plus (2002), AIM Global (2006) and Fern C (2007).  They have been there for years and they have reportedly energized and transformed individuals from all walks of life. Some even create their own companies because of hefty financial rewards after doing the business for some time.

That’s why to date, more and more Multi Level Marketing companies pop up oftentimes confusing more and more people.

As a 19-year corporate veteran, I’ve joined 7 Multi Level Marketing companies to date. Three of which are no longer existent today as they eventually proved to  be anomalous. Some investments were returned, some weren’t. Nevertheless, I’ve learned my lessons well. Thus, I’m sharing them with you regardless if you’re into or about to join any of those companies. I’m again into one of them simply because of the reasons I’ll be stating below.


10 Multi Level Marketing Tips To Boost Your Pride And Leads:

1. Google the company. If you’re about to join an MLM company, search for “X company reviews”, where “X” of course is the name of the company. If you won’t find negative articles about the company or its product experience, then it’s a good start. Do further research though. Check the credibility of the company owners, executives and staffs. Google their names. Normally, it’s easier to lend your trust away if the company owners are credible, sincere and educated. They shouldn’t be the type of board members who destroy reputations of other companies.

MLM business owners

Chairman and Pres. & CEO of First Vita Plus Marketing Corporation, Mr. Socrates and Mrs. Doyee Tumpalan.

2. Ask yourself if the line of products is related to your passion. Just because the marketing scheme is enticing, which normally is, that doesn’t  mean you’ll be able to make it. If you’re building muscles but at the same time building networks for cosmetics, it won’t just work! You still have to anchor on to what you like to do. You can instead go for fitness products if that’s the case.

3. Study the products. If the product lines are aligned to your passion, it’s easier to remember things. If you’re a dealer, representative or business associate of a particular company, you’re not expected to explain the nitty-gritty details of the products, but at least you should be able to relate personally. A more scientific or medical explanation of the products is a great bonus though as some of your prospects will deep dive into the science of your products. If there are no products, pack up!

4. Don’t get berserk of the popular endorsers of the company. They must have been received special arrangements with the company just to put the products into their hands. Just because they are or was once popular, they can already solve your problems. Go back to the basics. Ask yourself again if you can endorse the product yourself for life. Otherwise, you’re just deceiving yourself by submission. Submitting into the concept that the product must be good since it’s endorsed by a popular figure is one blinding fact. You’re more capable of distinguishing what’s right or wrong than anybody else in the company’s team of endorsers.

5. Test and use the products consistently. During the course of testing, be as objective as possible. Don’t pre-judge because of if you do, any result won’t matter. You’ll only be after the company’s claim of financial freedom. Worse is, you’ll be spreading the wrong testimonies just to close some deals. That’s a bad practice of Multi Level Marketing ever since it was conceptualized. Worse is, you’ll be spreading it like wildfire if you’re a strong leader. When you’ve already joined the company, use the products yourself. There’s nothing more rewarding than believing in the products you’re endorsing.

6. Be trained. Companies offer basic, advanced and special training to their dealers. Grab all of them and be trained. Buy books on business, sales and marketing and MLM to expose you to more better and newer approaches. I bought this book at Amazon MLM SCRIPTS: Recruiting and Handling Objections simply because it has good reviews, freshly written (September 2012) and is ranked #3 in Kindle. It’s a good buy actually. Another desirable book is about execution. It’s called The 4 Disciplines of Execution written by Chris McChesney and Sean Covey, son of Stephen R. Covey. It specifically teaches you to focus on your Wildly Important Goals, act on the lead measures, keep a compelling scoreboard and create a cadence of accountability (more on these on my next article – 4 Disciplines Of Execution on MLM business).

7. Train your team. Your objective is to form a solid team under you. If you can make them better individuals and better leaders, then half of your battle is won. The other half of course is for you to continue to upgrade yourself and to find new leaders and members who can work with you. Their successes are yours as well. So take time and be sincere with them. They’ll appreciate your time and effort especially if you’ll create a regular cadence (weekly, monthly or even quarterly). 

8. Don’t get too excited of the company’s marketing plans. All Multi Level Marketing companies have extraordinarily enticing marketing campaigns and they’re designed to lure prospects and dealers to outperform themselves to generate revenues beyond norm. If you’re scrutinizing what the products can do to yourselves and to your prospects, stick to it. The financial side of things will follow suit once you and your teams are 100% convinced of what the product can actually do to consumers. Of course, you do need to master the marketing plans thereafter.

9. Make your presence felt online. If you have some budget to spare, go for strongly recommended gurus who specialize on beginners. This guy, Chris Farrell, is a real genius in helping out those total newbies of internet marketing. You may also learn how to set up websites from Youtube and other sites. The most important thing is to make your business felt online. You should at least set up a page in Facebook, classified ads, create some WordPress sites, among others. At this point in time where millions are using their devices to access almost anything that they want, you can’t help but go with the flow. Looking at one of our small businesses, more than half of the revenue come from the internet queries.

10. Don’t get easily down. As mentioned, there will be people who will never be sold to the multi level marketing business. Despite its international recognition, some people will always associate it with “scams” and “pyramiding”. Don’t get them wrong though as they must have seen the negative sides of the business from their own experiences or from others’. Just concentrate on those other half of the equation who are like-minded and open-minded. Your job is to find them. That’s the ultimate challenge.

I am openly promoting one multi level marketing business even if it’s relatively new, simply because it’s 100% Filipino-made, has 100% Filipino-taste and it’s 100% Filipino owned and managed. The President and CEO, Ms. Doyee Tactacan-Tumpalan went well from her sickness because of the product. Her husband, Socrates, was educated in one of the prominent schools in the country. That somehow gives me the confidence and trust on the company’s core values - strength, stability and sustainability.

Most importantly, I love the natural juice drinks because they’re aligned to my newly-found passion – health and fitness. Since I lost 25 lbs in 3 months last Nov. 2012, I’ve been doing my best to keep fit. I run, I train and I diet every single day of the week. And First Vita Plus is simply a complement to my new lifestyle. It has Green Coffee for weight loss, juice drinks for my gout and many others.

Don’t get me wrong. I may have a bit of bias here, but these tips are definitely fundamental. Many of the Multi Level Marketing practitioners get easily frustrated and do the business wrongly simply because of lack or absence of these essentials. Just continue to stick to the company you’ve already nailed your trust with and do these basics effortlessly. With hard work, prayer and persistence, you’ll meet luck and blessing in 3, 6 , 12 or even 36 months.


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