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Everybody’s Young At Heart With Chris Farrell

Can age defy your dreams? No way! As Steve Perry (or Arnel Pineda today) of Journey said… Don’t Stop Believing!

I met Liz last year in one of the lengthy threads about e-commerce. It was all about selling items you actually don’t own…online.  I got interested in the idea – no hardware inventory, no warehousing, no huge capital needed…. I then seeked for her advice and started doing it. It worked for a little while but since I was like a headless chicken without a direction, I took it out from my domain.

Looking at what Liz has done today, I would want to go back to what she taught me then. Her website looks great and It’s a pretty good lifetime business!

Here’s Liz…


After a number of years online with some successes but nothing to write home about, a friend told me about this wonderful genuine person she had come across called Chris Farrell, he was about to start his own membership site and the thing that really impressed her was he returned calls and emails.

Based on her referral I decided that I would join his site, after all I couldn’t do any worse than I was doing and I was beginning to wonder if internet marketing was really the right thing for me or if I should move on!

From the very first day Chris Farrell had me hooked, he was also in a huge learning phase and was taking all of us on the ride with him…and what a ride it has been…

Chris Farrell Membership member, Liz Canney

Lizcan and her ecommerce site

Since joining Chris Farrell Membership at the very beginning I have learned how to create websites, FTP, write my own PDF eBooks to give away, build a list and how to market to my list without driving them crazy to name just a couple of achievements.

What I learned from Chris Farrell was to open my mind and stay focused and not just go with what everyone else is doing, but take the information he teaches and use it in a way that would lead me to my own success.

Over the last couple of years I have become a successful affiliate marketer and have just ventured into making my very first product for sale.

If you are new to internet marketing, then I suggest that you join Chris Farrell Membership and start the right way from the very beginning…you won’t regret it.

Chris Farrell is always telling his members to think about how they can help their customers rather than how to make money.  By helping your customers to make money …you will make money!!  It’s great advise.

I am a senior citizen on the wrong side of 65…If I can do it so can you…Go for it!!




Liz Canney Of Chris Farrell Membership






Liz Canney

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