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FREE WordPress Tutorials

These WordPress tutorials were created to respond to some of my friends’ requests who have been trying to learn these stuffs but were just as bewildered as I was when I started. They wished to have minimum risks and maximum gain. Thus, since I also enjoyed talking behind a microphone alone, these WordPress tutorials were born.

From January 2011 to July of the same year, I was using Kompozer, an HTML editor, to create websites. That was the basic foundation in Chris Farrell Membership in which I was also able to learn some basic HTML coding. It was then especially useful when I was integrating Aweber opt-in forms and Paypal buttons.

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Anybody can access the FREE WordPress Tutorials

Kompozer though has its limitations. I found it difficult to edit some tables and some templates were just too rigid. Thus, I redirected my attention to create websites using WordPress. For $7, I decided to create a wordpress website with 43 WordPress Tutorials. Impressed with its clear contents, it gave me a green light to do the same for my friends. I also thought then that it was one option to gather more like-minded people who would eventually become my network. Though these bits and pieces of information may be found in Youtube, I also thought that it’d be better to have a one-stop shop. Thus, I did identical WordPress tutorials but the shopping is for FREE. The language may not necessarily be the same, but I’m certain that anybody should be able to create his own WordPress website after watching these WordPress tutorials. The difference of course is it costs nothing.

The first 7 FREE WordPress Tutorials – no opt-in, no selling, no buts and ifs – may lead you up to WordPress installation using Fantastico. The rest of the WordPress tutorials may already need you to opt-in so we can give you the download page. The other 11 FREE WordPress tutorials have been practically used and tested, so it should also work wonders for anybody who wants to make a presence online.

So whether you’re trying to create a website or a web business but don’t know how or where to begin, look no further. After these free WordPress tutorials, you will definitely have a functional website. A little caution though. Using WordPress can be fun but addicting especially if the outcome magnificently makes you happy. I’ve heard a number of enthusiasts/bloggers using other platforms who transferred to WordPress simply because of its simplicity, flexibility and user-friendliness. I was one of them as mentioned above.


What you’ll get from these FREE WordPress tutorials:

  • Step-by-step easy-to-understand instructions designed for complete beginners
  • Straightforward, pure content
  • Guaranteed to increase your internet skills
  • Correctly install WordPress in your domain
  • Eagerness to learn more
  • Absolute fun

Enjoy These FREE WordPress Tutorials Now!


1. Introduction To Keyword Research

Whether you’re in the dog training, personality development, muscle building or any niche, you’d be needing to learn how to do keyword research. Such activity is not just for article preparation. It’s also great to learn how to find a keyword-researched domain name. So after scrutinizing your passion, you should also be able to learn its marketability in this WordPress Tutorial.


2. Domain Registration

Once decided, it’s time to register your domain name. There could be thousands of registrars out there and Googling Domain Registration will register to 42.2 million results. Confusions can easily set in without a guide. This WordPress Tutorial should eliminate that puzzle.


3. Choosing Of Webhosting Services

This time, you will need a house. You should put all your files somewhere so others can see your creations. This part of WordPress Tutorial is a basic one that also need your attention. This will teach you how to find a web hosting service aside from Googling it. At the end though, it’s up to you which web hosting services you’ll subscribe too.


4. Redirecting Of Nameservers

If you’ve purchased your domain name from a registrar that’s not your host, then it’s time for that domain name to be pointed or redirected to the nameserver of your host. If you don”t go through this step, then your site won’t be seen by anyone. This is an important WordPress tutorial just in case you’ll purchase more add-on domains from other registrars.


5. Creating An Add-on Domain

Normally when your purchase from a web hosting company, you will be given a free domain name or two of your choice. They will be the ones to set it up for you. You will eventually receive an email from them with all those details. There will be cases though that you’d want to create another domain for another niche. The add-on domain will come in handy as you wouldn’t need to purchase another web hosting service from the same or other companies. That means, no additional monthly payments for you.


6. Setting Up An Email Account

This step is the last step prior to installing a script in your domain. Whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or otherwise, you will be asked of an email account. This is another part of WordPress tutorial that will guide you to set up an email account in your Cpanel. These email addresses can be created from this tutorial –  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],com or [email protected]


7. WordPress Installation Using Fantastico

After this basic WordPress Tutorial, you should be able to install WordPress in your domain. The result may not be what you’re expecting with reference to other sites, but it’s already functional. All you have to do is configure the Themes, Plugins, Pages, Links, Posts, etc.  The rest of which can be accessed as you opt-in. Think of it as the only “payment” in this shopping spree. Meanwhile, you can explore your WordPress website already right after all these FREE WordPress Tutorials.



With Your Name and Email, The Following Can Also Be Accessed.


8. Accessing Your Dashboard

9. Installing Themes

10. Editing Of Pages

11. Permalinks

12. FREE WordPress Squeeze Page

13. Creating A WordPress Squeeze Page

14. Squeeze Page Simulation

15. Removal of Add-on Domain

16. Deleting An Email Account

17. Deleting of WordPress Files

18. Resizing An Image


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