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George Clooney In Chris Farrell Membership? C’mon…!

I really thought it was George Clooney talking…

It was Charles Bennewith Of Chris Farrell Membership introducing his books in his Welcome video!

I’m really glad I found Charles in Chris Farrell Membership Discussion Forum. He gave pretty much good advices that I assume he couldn’t have done a couple of years ago. He was one of those millions of people out there struggling on how to make money online simply because he had no direction nor framework of how to do the right things right. Today though is a different story (from Charles not from George…)

Hear him right here…


Hello, or as we say here in bonnie Scotland – “Howzit Gawn?” (How is it going?)

My name is Charles Bennewith.

I am the author of ‘7 Secret Tips For Instant Empowerment And Happiness’, & also ‘The Magic Power Of Your Beliefs’. I am also the creator of the weekly email newsletter ‘Positive Success’, and I believe that YOU can have, be and do whatever your heart desires in life (as long as it’s for the highest good of all concerned)

Why did I start my introduction with a blatant ‘plug’ for my products?

Well the truth is, what you have just read above, is so far removed from where I began.

If you had told me a few years back that I would have written two books and created my own online newsletter, I would have laughed at you (out loud).

If you then told me that I would create the graphics for those products myself, create the websites for them and all the website graphics, integrate and link all this up together….myself – I would have asked you what you were smoking!!

And the answer as to ‘how’ I’ve been able to do all this, comes in two words….Chris Farrell.

The guy is a Godsend in the online world…. Simple as that.

My own ‘personal development’ journey began around 20 years ago. I was intrigued by successful people and what made them different. How were some people happy and successful, yet others were the exact opposite?

I bought my first book hoping to find the answer and I was hooked. That book was ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.

That sounds so ‘clichéd now, it seems to be the book that most people mention as their ‘first’. But this really was the first book I bought on self improvement. I’ve still got it and it’s old and tattered and full of highlighted sections and I love it.

When I first read that I could be anything, have anything and do anything I wanted in life just by changing the way I thought, it blew me away!

I jumped in head first and started applying what I had read. This was a massive shift in thinking for me. Scotland is not known for its positive thinking. It is a country more associated with its ‘hard nosed – no nonsense’ attitude. This made it really difficult to share my new found learning’s.

If I talked about visualization and affirmations etc, people just looked at me as if I was ‘nuts’.

But this didn’t put me off. I decided that this was a better way to live than constantly moaning about how bad life was, but not doing anything about it.

So I stuck with it, and here I am today. I read every book I could get my hands on, I started attending seminars and listening to audio CD’s while I was working. I began re-programming my mind for happiness and success.

Re-programming is such a ‘cold’ unemotional word, I know, but it’s true. We are all the result of our subconscious beliefs, what we’ve been told and what we’ve heard over the years.

Has every day since then been perfect, happy, hunky dory? No way, not by a long shot. Fast forward a few years of stupid (really stupid) mistakes, bad decisions, bad relationships…blah…blah…

All I was doing then, was manifesting my unconscious beliefs….living them out. The decisions I made and the actions I took along with the behavior I was demonstrating was all based upon what my perception of the world was. But all that time, I stuck with it, I kept reading and learning.

Something deep inside me, you know that little voice (your subconscious mind) was telling me that there was more to life than just ‘existing’ and ‘getting by’.

I then met an amazing woman and married her. That was 13 years ago. We now have two beautiful brilliant daughters who inspire me every day.

Charles Bennewith in Chris Farrell Membership

Thought it was George Clooney too? It's Charles Bennewith of "The Magic Power Of Your Beliefs"

During my journey, I got into NPL (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This taught me how to run my own head. I witnessed people who had lived with fears and phobias for years get rid of them in minutes.

I then became a qualified practitioner of NLP.

So has it all been perfect since then?….pfft! no waaaayyy.

My marriage has been as close to perfect as I can imagine (sick bowl anyone?)

And I couldn’t ask for two better children. I have amazing friends, and amazing family all around me. The biggest challenge has come from my wife and I wanting to better our life financially.

I fell hook line and sinker for the ‘Get Rich Quick’ scamsters out there….sound familiar?

I became a ‘biz Op’ junkie.

I bought into every kind of business opportunity I could find spending thousands of ££££’s in the process. None of them worked…..sound familiar? J

Again, though, what kept me going was my belief that I could turn it around. I had learned enough on my path to know that my life is what I decide it to be, it’s what I make it.

It doesn’t mean a life without mistakes, or a life of pure perfection. ‘Mistakes’ or so called ‘failures’ are what make us grow and become stronger on the path to our true purpose.

There is a wee saying which I love – “The Present Is Perfect”.

This simply means that you or I, are exactly where we are supposed to be at this present time on the road to our goals/purpose.

You always have a choice – remember that!

After a few more years of floundering around the internet marketing world and falling for every ‘magic button’ product, I discovered Chris Farrell.

This came at a time when I was becoming slightly disillusioned with the whole self improvement industry. There were so many people falling for the whole ‘law of attraction’ concept and the way it was being taught. There were so many people becoming disheartened and let down because they weren’t achieving all their goals or manifesting all their dreams just by sitting on the end of their bed visualizing.

This is what led me to creating my own product…but how?

Chris Farrell Membership.

There was something about Chris and the way he spoke. His genuine honesty shone through. So I signed up as a member.

I started going through all his step by step video tutorials and implementing what he taught.

Has it been easy? Na!!

But I’ll guarantee you this, it’s been a MILLION time easier than attempting all this without Chris’ coaching.

You still have to take that scary word…’Action’. You still have to make some mistakes.

So what? it’s all skills you will have with you for ever more. And if there’s anything you are not sure of or can’t quite grasp, you have his phenomenal support team on the forum which have helped me many, many times.

So, if you are considering doing anything business or internet related, here’s my advice.

  1. Don’t buy another product on internet marketing.
  2. Unsubscribe from every list your on.
  3. Then, sign up to Chris Farrell Membership sight…’ll be glad you did.

Hold on to your dreams, keep believing in yourself and take ACTION!

Health, Wealth and Happiness…Always


Chris Farrell membership member Charles Bennewith







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  1. Charles, thanks for your transparency and great attitude, you rock buddy! Dream And Live The Life You Long For! Derek Anthony Reid

    • Thanks Derek for your kind comment. You’re right…”Dream”…and dream BIG!! And also take MASSIVE Action.
      Health, Wealth and Happiness…Always

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