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Happy Couple As Proud Members of Chris Farrell Membership

Stephen and Jennifer are happy and proud members of Chris Farrell Membership. They own multiple, successful websites which make them full-time online earners. As I was reading their own story, it was hard to imagine that a couple is doing an online business happy and proud. Not many people at their ages are willing and able. These guys are magnificent and they indeed are inspiring. Hear them here…

As you may or may not know, I Stephen joined the Chris Farrell membership on the 27th September, 2009 after many years and far too much money wasted on so called ways to make money online. I thought that I already knew a lot about running an online business when we joined but quickly realized just how little I did indeed know.

Today things are very different because Chris has taught us well and our hard work and determination for success has transformed our lives in that we now no longer work for anyone else and just work full time on our online businesses. Our current projects are sharing what we have learnt with others in our group and on our mailing lists and searching for new products which we test before recommending them only if they do as claimed, which most do not! We cannot wait for the new look and improvements to the CF membership and have completed the CMM course last September.

We never say anything about our earnings because we are fed up with so many websites where exaggerated if not downright lies are displayed as so called proofs of earnings. The only relevance in doing so is to say I am successful and could make you so but success is down to each individual and their willingness to learn, their own work rate, and not on someone else’s income. We are earning a full time income online and this is growing steadily as we continue adding more websites, blogs, and writing more articles as well as our social media and forum activities.

Stephen and Jennifer of Chris Farrell Membership

Another success story from Chris Farrell Membership

Keeping busy and doing what adds value and builds relationships is the key to success online and never selling worthless software that never works as some do. It is a fact that if you show 100 people step by step how to start making money online, only around 1 will actually do it while 5 of the rest will either try and give up as soon as it becomes a little tricky or will continue to look for a get rich quick, no work required way while all the others will do nothing. Building a big highly targeted list is vital because of this as 100 do nothings will earn you the same while a list of at least 2000 will include some who will succeed because they will work at it until they do. It is because we refused to quit that we are enjoying success today and we continue improving and tweaking our websites while creating new content and websites on different niches as Internet marketing is the most competitive but also the most profitable when done correctly.

We recommend the Chris Farrell membership because it taught us everything we know and also due to the many advantages and easy to understand training which is second to none and head and shoulders above all the others. Where else can someone with zero knowledge, no ability other than being able to copy and paste, write e-mails and use a computer go on to actually earning a full time life changing income on the Internet within 3 to 5 years? Who else does not only say they can help but is willing to do everything within their power in doing just that more than is required at frequent times? Who else over-delivers more than Chris Farrell? Nobody, and that is our opinion based upon years of research and present experience.

Chris Farrell is not only our mentor but also a close personal friend who we have met many times in person. To anyone not sure if they should join we say there are only 2 choices to make. 1) Join and learn from the #1 Internet marketing coach or… 2) Waste a lot more of your money and years spent elsewhere before settling for a lifetime of mediocre living working for an employer on a fixed minimum wage like most people do?

As Chris says, action takers are money makers!







Stephen & Jennifer

The Recession Busting Incomes Group UK Watford Hertfordshire UK Everyone should know the truth about making money online.

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