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How To Find Profitable Niches Using Ebay

To find profitable niches using Ebay, you need to do some research works. A lot of it…

Making a product first then market it later may work for a few. The rule of thumb however is to find profitable niches and build the product around them.  Let’s imagine an offline business being built as a stand-alone. It may work for some, especially if it’s a special service, food or resort, but in general, it’s much better to build a store in a populated commercial complex where the market really is headed.

In the Internet Marketing world, there is a huge difference in Market and Niche. Think of a market as a huge portion in a society. Thus, it’s quite difficult to just position yourself in any of the three evergreen markets – health, wealth and lifestyle.

You can find profitable niches in Health market– Diet, Weight loss, Vitamin Supplement, Medical Issues, Quit smoking, Alternative Therapies, Headache Relief, Children’s health, Keep Fit, Increase Energy

You can also find profitable niches in the Wealth market – Work From Home, Forex, Business Opportunities, Internet Marketing, Public domain, How to buy foreclosures, Stay at home moms, Starting Your Own Business

And lastly, you can find profitable niches in Lifestyle market – Mind, body and spirit, Personal Dev’t, Pets, Baby Boomers, Self Improvement, Dating, Online Study Courses, Computers, Alternative Energy, Home Care, Going Green

The list can go beyond these. You just have to blend your passion and needs in finding niches in any of those markets. Often, you’d want to put up a website that’s suited to your personal skills and preference.

Let’s take Ebay in finding profitable niches. Take a stroll through the Ebay Category section. As you hover your mouse atop All Categories, you will be presented with sub-categories. You can actually create profitable niches out of those sub-categories. You can check how many ebay auction listings are in a certain category. In this case, under DVD & Home theater category, there are 44,467 listings/results.



Profitable niches using ebay

Profitable niches in ebay using 44,467 results


Proceed to ebay pulse and check out the Popular Searches. If you search for Consumer Electronics under All Categories, you’ll find some Top searches. In this case, you’ll have Ipod touch, Ipad, Kindle, TV and Ipod as the topmost searches. They could be profitable niches.


How to find profitable niches using ebay pulse

Consumer Electronics sub-category in Ebay Pulse


To further enhance your research, google “online commercial intent”. It’s the one that says “….”. If you have a Commercial Intent of at least 0.7, then that means that your niche has a market with purchasing power. Putting in a query like “dietary tips” will give you a Non-Commercial intent. In contrast, “dietary products” has a commercial intent of  97%. It simply signifies that people looking for the former are only interested in free information and are not willing to spend anything while the latter has  a lot of purchasing power. You would want of course to position yourself in these profitable niches.


Commercial Intent Tool as a tool to find profitable niches

Profitable niches found using online commercial intent tool

Now that you know exactly what people are searching for, you can create a domain out of the list. Obviously, it’s hard to register or .net or or .net. Try putting some “top10” or “best” as prefixes that can match those searched items. Visit or go straight to your favorite registrar or hosting company to check the domain name’s availability. A niche that exists in the domain is simply a great way to start a web business.

At this point, finding profitable niches shouldn’t be that hard. A word of caution though – ebay’s list are mostly physical in nature. Ebooks, videos, software and CD’s are found more in Clickbank, Amazon, etc.

Now that you’ve found your profitable niches using ebay, it’s time to build that one-page website or blog and patiently build your list. You’ll find monetization portion easier later.


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  1. Hi Jojo,

    Thank you very much for sharing that information. What a great and creative way of finding a niche – using eBay, who would have thought! I like the idea that it is free too.

    Thanks again.
    Libby Kalis

    • Hi Libby!

      By profession, I’m a technical guy . But that doesn’t keep me away from my other love – writing. Thanks to blogging that I was able to express my own thoughts on technology, internet and business.

      You’re welcome Libby! More to come…


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