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Positive Thinking Affirmations Create A Decent Beginner’s Success

Positive thinking affirmations are probably inherent on everyone, but due to life’s challenges, miseries and misdeeds, many believe otherwise.

Dinu is different. He is one of the proud newcomers of Chris Farrell Membership site and is radiating with positive energy. The first time I saw his site, I couldn’t believe that he is relatively new to Internet Marketing. His excellent communication skill is working in tandem with his passion.

After a few weeks in Chris Farrell Membership, he has already created an ebook about Positive Thinking affirmations housed in his Try Positive Thinking website.  It’s something that I wasn’t able to accomplish when I was starting. Provided he continues to do the things that he does best today, Dinu will certainly prove his positive thinking affirmations by hitting an online jackpot one day.

Hear him straight from his own testimonial. This just goes to prove that beginners today are still most welcome in the Internet Marketing world. Have positive thinking affirmations, do the daily requirements to needed to succeed and believe that you can do more than what you think you’re only capable of doing today. As you navigate the online business tools and strategies, you will learn a lot, lot more especially if you take the path of Dinu – through Chris Farrell Membership.


Positive Thinking Affirmations of Dinu Gitlan


I am delighted to share my story with the readers of your website. Thank you once again for this opportunity. Now, before I start pouring superlatives on Chris Farrell and his magnificent membership, I would like to present myself briefly.

My name is Dinu, I am 22 years old, fresh Marketing Graduate from Moldova. Having completed my studies, I found myself in the Dinu Gitlan writes about Positive Thinking Affirmationsclassic “job hunting” situation. Being a lazy idealist, I wanted to find the perfect job, where boredom and routine are inexistent while excitement and passion are dominant. I couldn’t picture myself waking up in the morning on a certain time every Monday to Friday, working for someone else and doing stuff that I don’t particularly like, only to receive a fixed salary and enjoy myself for a mere 48 hours a week. That’s the complete antithesis of my life principles.

My whole way of being was in jeopardy due to the dull corporate work looming cruelly above me. Of course I was well aware that I had to get a job and relieve the financial pressure off my family. Ironically, my first day at work proved to be essential for where I find myself now. It gave me the long overdue wakeup call to stop procrastinating and take action towards achieving my goals. I remember coming home that day and saying to myself: “I will note become the typical employee absorbed by routine activities and a crazy boss. I must take immediate action and generate profit from my own business”.

I quickly dived into the realm of Google, typed the “How to make money online” keyword, and through a good old-fashioned moment of magic, in less than an hour, I found my mentor, Chris Farrell. Now, he is teaching me the internet marketing skills, tricks, and principles in such a way that, there aren’t enough superlatives in the English dictionary to describe it. Such are the excitement, belief, motivation, and certainty inspired by Chris, that I’ve managed to create my first website and write my first eBook about the power of positive thinking in just a few months.

At school I was helping my friends writing essays in English, now, I’ve written a whole eBook, thanks to Chris’s unique charisma and methods. Currently, I am working on driving traffic to my squeeze page and my list has its first subscribers. While the maiden sale is still a bit far away, I can already see a glimpse of it on the horizon. With Chris’s excellence, his team’s professionalism and with the fantastic support of other members, I am firmly heading to the promise land.


Kind regards,

Dinu Gitlan, writing about Positive Thinking Affirmations






Dinu Gitlan


In A Nutshell

Positive Thinking Affirmations are so powerful that can manifest in one form or another when practiced willingly and consistently. It all takes self-belief to take you where your heart desires. See more success stories here and check out how they accomplished their unique feat.

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