Chris Farrell Membership Success Stories


If you’re interested in any of our services, you may get in touch with us through our Contact Us form above or here.



1. Ghostwriting

a.  Article Writing

Fee – $5 for every 500 words

Delivery – at least 3 days


b. E-book

Fee – $10 per page (Font: Georgia, Size: 12)

Delivery – 10 days, min.



2. Web Designing

Using WordPress platform, you can have a site with at least 5 pages on it (About Us, Contact Us, Privacy, Terms and Conditions and Blog).

****Free 3 articles under Blog.

Fee – $250

Additional Pages – $50/page min.

Delivery – at least 5 days



3. Video Screenshots

Using Camtasia software, you will have a video screenshot (with voice) behind that concept. Just specify what you want. You can visit the FREE WordPress Tutorials in this site for samples.

Fee – $15 for a 60-sec finished product.

Delivered in Web and HD format.

Delivery – at least 7 days