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‘Sitting Is Killing’ Striking Facts And Figures – Don’t Neglect Them!

‘Sitting is killing’ kinds of articles have been around for years now but this Infographics really caught my attention today. I’m guilty as I’ve been doing this for years now and I have this feeling that if I continue to sit more than 10 hours a day, I may not be able to play hoops with my son in his teens (knock on wood!).

Sitting is killing you slowly

Sitting is killing you slowly especially if it goes beyond what’s inevitable  like the 8-hour office work and business travels. Unfortunately, many of us tend to be less active as we grow older and relies heavily on our favorite couch or chair to watch TV, update Facebook,  Tweet, etc. for recreation. Outdoors are becoming less and less of a priority especially if deadlines and more interesting tasks online are catching us up.


Sitting Is Killing You…Even If You Exercise

What strikes me most about the fact that sitting is killing us is even if we exercise, for as long as we sit longer than we should, we’re not safe. I used to think that strenuous activities such as running and sports can cancel out those risks in sitting. This study shows otherwise. Sitting for more than 6 hours a day makes us up to 40% likelier to die in the next 15 years than those who are sitting in less than 3. Sitting is killing us indeed!

So how much time really do you spend on sitting? Have you figured that out yet? If you’re an office guy, emails and meetings can easily require you to be on a chair for at least 5 hours. As you drive to and from your office, that could be another 2 hours. As you arrive home for a meal, TV, family bonding, social media, internet forum, etc. that could be another 3 hours of sitting. That’s about 10 hours of sitting every day. If ‘sitting is killing’ is a myth, it might just be fine. But since it’s supported medically and scientifically, then that’s something to think about.


Interrupt Sitting

Do something for yourself now. There are ways to mitigate the risks even if they mean a bit of time off or expenses. I have these 5 things in my mind right now to interrupt my sitting habits.

  1. Standing up for coffee or tea (not calling somebody else to do it for me)
  2. Stretching once in every hour or two
  3. Raising my table so I’ll work standing (hmmm…easier said than done!)
  4. Outsource some of those tasks
  5. Take the stairs
How about you? Any further suggestions on how to extend life without jeopardizing work? Send me your thoughts as they may also save lives in the long run.


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