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The Illness That Led To Chris Farrell – A Blessing In Disguise!

As far as I could remember, my curiosity of how websites are created didn’t start with Chris Farrell Membership.

Here’s my story…


It all started way back in the middle of 2010 when I was in Batangas, Philippines. I am currently working in a telco and was once relocated to the Southern part of Luzon. From my home base in Cebu, it was about an hour of flight and a couple of hours of driving. It was a call of duty that I had to respond to willingly.

Since I was usually alone in my apartment, I’d normally browse through the web and sort of just looked around. I never imagined that I’d be interested in creating websites nor web businesses. Though I’ve been a self-proclaimed entrepreneur by heart, I wasn’t really into the habit of creating websites.

Due to ennui probably, I started buying ebooks, CD’s,  PLR’s and videos and the desire to succeed online just kept on coming. For two to four hours a night, I’d keep on looking for something I wasn’t really sure of. One interesting thing would come up and there I’d go and buy this and that again and again and again…

One thing I’d realize later was the money spent on those unnecessary expenses. It was so huge that I wouldn’t want to keep on remembering.  It was just either painful or probably embarrassing.

Later that year, I stumbled upon a site called I was so impressed of his 5-million-visitors-a-month accomplishment that I wanted to mimic him. His business model was simple – humor + store = money! At least that was my interpretation of how their business works. Since I wasn’t Matthew Inmann, who has that knack in combining unique humor and comic, I moved on but tucking in that ingenuous business model.

I tried to get in touch with someone about an idea. I thought of making a website full of funny characters and stories and hoped to have a “busy” site. However, after my downpayment, he was nowhere to be found. Worse was he used my domain and put up my idea without consulting me. Good thing was I was able to corner him and asked him to bring down the site in which he eventually abided by. For the downpayment though, it was a goodbye!

That failure though didn’t stop me to search for more. I knew deep inside that if I’d just bounce back faster than the event of falling, I’d gain something anew.

On the not-so-fine morning of January 4, of 2011, I woke up chilling to death. I was supposed to fly back for work after the holiday season but I must have eaten something that put me to bed for more than a week. Three days after, I accidentally clicked a link which would lead to Chris Farrell.

That was the tipping point I guess. That was definitely a blessing in disguise!

I would later on read the FREE ebook called Create You First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon and further later patiently watched the FREE 26 videos on how a web business should work. That was  quite a different experience but obviously remarkable.

Had I known about Chris Farrell Membership eight months earlier, I would have spared those hundreds of dollars for some worthwhile projects later. But that was fine. I just  told myself I may no longer bring back that lost money but I was positive that there’d be something in store for me in the near future if I just move on.

And so I did…

Every day and night thereafter, I focused on learning some skills. At first, I learned about Kompozer. It was initially challenging and sometimes frustrating but would later on turn out to be fun, especially when goals were met. I was actually doing the squeeze page, thank you page and download page manually by myself which could’ve been impossible to accomplish just a few months back.

It wasn’t smooth sailing though since I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was simply implementing what was in the videos but there were no business models running around my thoughts.

At first I thought of creating a site related to festival foods. Then I started to buy domains after domains thinking that it was a good idea. But then again since I had no crystal clear objectives, I was closing down website after website till nothing was left. I guess it was indeed important to listen to your heart and examine that fervent desire before deciding on the framework of your site.

After a few months of playing with Kompozer, I started listening to WordPress tutorials. Again, there were a number of challenges inside.  It took me another few months to really appreciate WordPress. When I found Elegant Themes, I found more reasons to play with it since I was beginning to like what I was seeing.  I could flip from one premium theme to another from any of their 68 themes for $39 a year. That was a fair price for a beginner. Little did I know that I’d be hooked to WordPress since then.

I then started to create websites for our offline businesses. Since I made somebody at least a thousand dollar richer just by putting up a site 3 years ago for my wife’s business, I thought of doing it again but this time, by myself. Obviously, my wife couldn’t be happier!

Chris Farrell Membership member, Jojo with wife

My and my happy better half


With my additional internet skills, our offline businesses soared!  We saw about 20-30% rise in revenue just by following some of the I Love Traffic You Love Traffic techniques in Chris Farrell Membership. That wasn’t bad at all especially that our site would rank first in certain important keywords. In fact, that was one of the best things that ever happened to my internet marketing experience.

I created this site simply because I wanted to reach to as much friends (and friends of friends) as possible and tell them that there is a more appropriate and easier way to learn how to create a website or a web business. Moreover, I wanted them to know that there are indeed real people inside Chris Farrell Membership willing to share and to be approached.

And since I do love my day job as well as Chris Farrell Membership, I’d continue to do so in parallel for a little more while. After all, the latter is the best diversion of funds and time thus far. Without which, I could have continued to spend more in fellowships and beerships (beer with friendships) which may cause conflicts to my most valued asset – my family.





Cheers From The Lovely City Of Cebu, Philippines,


Jojo Colinares

You too can do it!



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