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Top 5 SEO Techniques For WordPress On A Shoe String Budget

SEO Techniques For WordPress


SEO techniques for WordPress is a search engine optimization tecnique that can be learned despite having a low or shoestring budget. As you may know, SEO is a business in itself. Hundreds or even thousands of marketers and gurus out there make money by creating software that boasts of increasing your SERPs or Search Engine Page Results. Some may be worth it if they consistently make one’s site rank high but certainly, they come with a price.

If you’d encode Google Analytics code to your site, you’d be excited to see which of the traffic sources are really driving customers to your site. Most often than not, you’d have organic search as having the smallest share of the pie if you’re not adept in SEO techniques. But that would be fine if you wouldn’t rely on organic searches for your traffic.

SEO Techniques for wordpress not optimized in this site

Sample of an early site that hasn't been optimized


A well-optimized website means that your site lands at the first few pages, if not the first page,  with related keywords. One easy way to do it is to purchase auctioned domains with hundreds or thousands of backlinks in it. But then again, it would also cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

To succeed in SEO techniques for WordPress with only a shoestring budget, you need to first and foremost populate your site with real contents. As they say, content is king. You should try to put an “umph!” to your site to triumph! You will if visitors will be coming back for more for that “umph!”.  Provided you have quality contents, keep the following in mind as your SEO techniques for WordPress.


1. Take advantage of the  H1 Tag In Your Top Level Heading
This can help boost your SEO Techniques for WordPress or not. In WordPress, simply go to the HTML section and code “<h1>Your Heading Here That Summarizes Your Page</h1>”.

2. Use long-tail keywords

It may be tempting to use short keywords or head term keywords because thousands or millions are using them as their keywords, but if you’d look at the competition, it may discourage you. To illustrate a point, look at the “iphone 4S” keyword. It has about 11.1M Global Monthly Searches and 578M results while another short keyword such as, but not limited to, “pre-owned iphone 4S” has only 110 Global Monthly Searches but there are 37.6M to compete with. When someone types in “quality pre-owned iphone 4S in Singapore”, the keyword database might not show any in the Global Monthly Searches due to the low volume of searches, but the search result would be brought down to 323T. Still pretty high, but if somebody puts in quotation marks, that particular article with that specific long tail keyword would certainly be displayed alone.

3. Link Exchanges
Check out the top blogs in your niche/area. Comment on their articles, participate in the forums and develop genuine business relationship with the owners. Just honestly inform them of your kind intention. In a bloggers community, a.k.a blogosphere, each one can be of help to one another.

4. Submit articles
You can submit your keyword-rich articles to,, or to any other articles directories. You may also post them to the blog portion of some forums. Once they approve it, your URL can be positioned in the Author’s bio box. Remember however to have a quality content, not just articles that are replicas of the original ones. Always do keyword research prior to writing your articles.

5. Use WP plugins
Search “SEO” inside’s Plugin tab. As of this writing, there are 978 results with “SEO” as the keyword. Download the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin and add it to your dashboard’s Plugins section. Fill in the required information, count and analyze your keywords and hit Publish or Update. By the way, don’t forget to update your Plugins when they’re available.


SEO techniques for wordpress in Alt Text

Wordpress SEO by Yoast can be downloaded for free from


Those are my Top 5 SEO Techniques for WordPress that can simply make wonders for you without reaping off your pocket. Definitely there could be more, but by practicing these 5 SEO techniques healthily and steadily, you can have a better chance to land on top. I’ve tried and succeeded using  some keywords. Try it!


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  1. Hi there,

    I really enjoy your throughts on SEO myself I been trying article writing, and submitting blog comments in different sites and the plugins are great also.

    But with everything else is a step by step process and just takes some time for everything to come threw.

    So until next and have a nice day.

    Tony recently posted..Moblie Marketing PLR ReportMy Profile

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