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Why Chris Farrell?

Many newcomers (and even the not-so-new) in the industry sometimes wonder who Chris Farrell is and what he can actually do to help. There could be thousands of Internet Marketers out there today that for some, taking time to know this guy is unnecessary and could be likened to dropping a needle in a sea of nails.

Chris Farrel analogy

Likened to dropping a needle in a sea of nails


But for beginners and seekers of genuine internet marketing like you, take a hard look! A self-learner with a fervent desire to succeed, Chris Farrell simply documented his humble beginnings for his own reference three years ago, rectified his mistakes on not having a certain learning structure, created his own path and finally found a niche where he would then be voted #1 by the IM ReportCard a year after he started, even beating the bigger names such as Hostgator, Aweber, Ezine Articles and Google Analytics. And as if it wasn’t enough, the same feat was accomplished 2 more years in a row. To date, he currently holds the best of the best spot with 1317 grades and 962 comments. The 2nd spot has only 94 grades and 49 comments.

Chris Farrell Membership in IM Repport Card

Best Of the best in IM Report Card


His sleepless nights, countless trials and errors and perhaps some criticisms and ridicules from the other side of the fence, so to say, turned out to be a shining light for many of the internet marketing beginners today who may still be struggling in making their first dollar online. Being constantly rated as the #1 Top Rated People in IM Report Card, Chris Farrell is probably the best gift for beginners and the bewildered the world wide web has ever produced.

Top Rated People in IM Report Card

Best Top Rated People in IM Report Card


Chris Farell started in February 2008 (yes, relatively new!) with no better skills than Googling and answering emails. But what drove him to where he is now today particularly cornered my attention. My personal opinion is he’s not a needle thrown in a sea of nails but a skilled captain of an unconventional cruise ship who’s primary task is to bring the people on board – especially the totally new, those that have initially tried but are experiencing information overload or those who have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in digital products yet are still stuck somewhere in the internet wilderness – to their enchanting, yet elusive, Aruba or Jamaica escapades.

Chis Farrell Membership captain, Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell as the captain of Chris Farrell Membership


The good news? You will be amazed of how you will transform yourself from a total stranger to a fine internet marketer. The better news is you will develop an urge to succeed beyond your imagination to also serve many others in various niches. And the best news is after three years of being up there, the Chris Farrell Membership site is revamping and coming up with new courses, new features and new look!

Chris Farrell Membership new look

The new look of Chris Farrell Membership by First Of May


And are you ready for the best of the best news? More and more Chris Farrell success stories are piling up! And these are from the real people who have come to Chris Farrell Membership site 6, 18 or 24 months ago with no IM knowledge, no confidence or no internet skills at all. Look at them now…

Leading the newcomers to the consistently awarded, straightforward yet affable internet marketing service is the least that one can organize. Definitely, you’ll be delighted to endorse their seeking hearts to probably the most-admired, most-effective captain of Internet Marketing ship, Chris Farrell. You could be that missing link to sort things out for them and they will eventually be thankful that you did.

Taking-by-the-hand technique of Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell method of taking by the hand


Though the taking-by-the-hand methods of Chris Farrell  are genuinely altruistic, one may have his own personal hindrances inside Chris Farrell Membership too. But that learning curve is essential. One will be more than proud that he has overcome the initial challenges in his infancy stage.  Thus, the Chris Farrell success stories can come in handy. Read through them and you’ll go beyond anybody’s reviews elsewhere.

One of the most noticeable guidelines in Chris Farrell’s ship is to give lots of freebies…real freebies and not garbages! Not so many in the internet marketing world would give that much content. To his guests though, those are great value-added services over and beyond their investment. He is loved by his on-board guests because of that humongous heart. His generosity is translating into residual income for him and his members!

Free gifts in Chris Farrell

Gifts valued at 15 Thousand Dollars of Chris Farrell


Thus, I highly recommend you to focus on Chris Farrell Membership course at least for the next six months. To quote Robert Kiyosaki, “FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful!”

One needs special FOCUS in Chris Farrell Membership

Robert Kiyosaki says, “FOCUS!”


Just like a cruisin’ ship following a certain course, you must do as told. Practice. Ask if you must. But then again, be precise in what you want to achieve. Use all the tools especially the keyword research as part of your baby steps.

And the best thing is…just like in a real cruise ship, you’ll never run out of fun and amusements. And if you’re creative enough, you can even do wonders for you or for others just because you’re on board the ship mastered by the captain himself, Chris Farrell.


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